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"It's Butterlicious Baby!"

Dancy’s Fancy Butters are gourmet butters made with quality butter sourced from the Michigan Milk Producers Association, fresh herbs and fruit. We use raw honey produced by local bees that dined at nearby orchards and clover patches. Our butters are perfect for special occasions and your everyday dinner table. With dairy and vegan options, it is sure to become your favorite butter.

Flavor Varieties

Fall is here! So our Pumpkin Butter has made its return and is available at all events in dairy and vegan varieties.

Dairy varieties include Herb, Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Honey & Cinnamon and Sea Salt Caramel.

Vegan varieties Lemon Pepper, Garlic, Herb, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon and Plain are available at any event we attend.

We offer savory and sweet varieties of gourmet flavors, including two seasonal fruit flavors, Strawberry and Pumpkin.  Seasonal flavors are available in dairy and vegan.

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Suggested Uses

*In campfire packets with meat and vegetables
*Fresh bread & baguettes
*Pancakes, waffles, french toast & scones
*Fish, seafood, chicken & pork
*Potatoes & other vegetables
*Melted onto steak for an extra rich flavor
*With snack & dessert crackers
*On rice & noodles
*On eggs
*Under the skin for roasted chicken and turkey
*Grilled cheese
*Pizza crust
*On popcorn
*In baking as a replacement for normal butter...

And anywhere Your imagination takes you 

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