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Enhanced Flavor Butters

So much more than just butter. It's "Butterlicious Baby."

Dancy’s Fancy Butters are enhanced butter spreads made with quality butter sourced from the Michigan Milk Producers Association, fresh herbs and fruit. The honey is produced by local bees that dined at nearby orchards and clover patches. Our butters are perfect for special occasions and your everyday dinner table. With seven delicious flavor varieties, at least one is sure to become your favorite butter.

Available in area stores and at events.
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We are happy to announce our product is now available at
Fresh Farms Market in Grosse Point.
Stop by and get the everything for tonight's dinner.

Find the Nearest to You!

Our selections includes Herb, Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Honey & Cinnamon and seasonal flavors.

Worth Knowing...

The butter sourced from Michigan Milk Producers Association is certified rBST-free. This means that the cows have not been given Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin- a synthetic hormone commonly injected into dairy cattle to increase milk production. 

Dancy's Fancy Butter is a three generation Vetern Owned and Operated Business

Winner of the Eastern Farmers Market Rookie of the Year award 2016

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What Our Fans Say…

"Absolutely Epic!"
"Butterly Delicious"
"I just had some honey butter tonight-yummy!"
"It was wonderful!!"
"I just met Mr. Dancy at All Things Detroit today. I sampled all of his delicious butter and left with 4 tubs!"
"I'll be sure to purchase other flavors as well and also spread the word, no pun intended."
"This butter is the bomb!"
"Your butter is addictive as my family fights over it."